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For those who are interested, I am an advocate of Gay Rights and this Special Edition of Lancelot and the Wolf, which you can find in all good ebook stores, is being sold to help Stonewall, to whom I am donating all of my royalties from this edition. They are a charity who support the rights of gay people all over the world. Please help by going to your preferred ebook retailer and downloading a copy, it isn’t expensive, but it will make a difference.

End of soap box…

Welcome to The Knights of Camelot, a world created by me, Sarah Luddington. Some of you will be familiar with the series, some of you will have stumbled over the site looking for something else. Please, all are welcome, so pull up chair, open a beer or have a glass of wine and join me while I help you navigate a new version of history.

First a little about the teller of the tales, the minstrel, the storyteller and bard… That’ll be me.

I am lover of stories, I collect them the way other people collect stamps or illnesses. I thrive on stories from television, film, theatre, and of course, books. I have collected stories since I was child, grown and twisted them, played with them and danced with them when I’ve been alone. I am no longer alone, you are here to listen to my stories and I hope you enjoy the way I tell them, because I only have one way – my way.
I also find nature incredible important to my work. Places inspire my stories. From the mists of the Levels in Somerset to the arid lands in Spain with those lovely white villages huddling against the fierce sun. I find trees full of magic, their leaves whispering tall tales and rivers full of the secrets of the world, sometimes murmured quietly, sometimes loudly.

I have lived an interesting life, most of which I’ll not be sharing, but here are some highlights for you if want to know about me rather than my muse, Lancelot. I am married, more than ten years now. My marriage photos were taken in Glastonbury Abbey, the place in which it is said King Arthur is actually buried according to Edward I and who am I to argue with a medieval king? I guess the romanticism of Arthur and Lancelot was born into my Somerset blood. We have two dogs, one Bandit and one Pirate, they are wonderfully loyal and do as I ask most of the time. I also have three cats, who use me as their butler and allow me to cuddle them when convenient. I do as they ask most of the time…
I love riding horses, walking, running, prog rock music, martial arts (I hold black belts in three disciplines), hitting things with my swords and of course, books. I am Somerset born and bred, my degree is in Medieval History and I used to busk for my supper using a digeridoo.

A warning - there are spoilers in the following pages for those who haven’t read everything. Also, if you prefer watching a film, without watching the ‘making of’ then I wouldn’t explore too deeply. I never watch the ‘making of’ and I’m not sure I’d want to all the ins and outs of writing if I didn’t actually have to do it to stop the voices!

Now for Lancelot, who is much more interesting.

Lancelot And The Wolf

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